Best Year Yet®

Best Year Yet Organisation/Team Programme

If you could get all the people in an organisation rowing in the same direction, you could dominate any industry, in any market, against any competition, at any time.

With BEST YEAR YET You Can Expect To:

  • Improve the overall performance and culture of your team.
  • Increase your sales and profitability.
  • Create excellent business relationships.
  • Create total alignment and accountability in your team.
  • Have the biggest impact you've ever had on your business - ever.

BEST YEAR YET® is about working with a proven process in powerful combination with an experienced results focused coach for up to 12 months which includes:

  • The principles of transformation.
  • Develop high performing leaders across your organisation.
  • Become masters at producing results for your business year on year.

Using the most sophisticated and easy to use interactive management tracking software available. We work with:

  • Board members
  • Leadership teams
  • Strategically important teams
  • Project teams
  • Brand teams
  • Change teams
  • Sales teams
  • Talent teams

Mastering Issues Like:

  • Top sales performance
  • Finance
  • Business relationships
  • Customer focus
  • Improving staff opinion surveys
  • High morale
  • Team focus and behaviour
  • Collaboration
  • Internal and external communication

Best Year Yet on Everest

In 2001 an accomplished mountain climber set out to achieve his life-long dream of conquering the highest peak in the world, Mount Everest. In addition to the treacherous terrain and unforgiving climate, this climber also faced a unique challenge: he was completely blind. He organized a team of 19 world-class climbers to help him achieve his objective. Along with all of their expertise, however, each individual brought into the expedition his own strong will and "big ego". Transforming this group of highly skilled individuals into a cohesive, functional team seemed nearly as challenging as reaching the 29,035 ft. summit of the mountain.

To make this happen Erik had the team made its Best Year Yet Team Plan, using the goal setting system. They aligned on the following Guidelines and then proceeded to make their one page plan together. Watch what happened!

  • Trust one another's skills and knowledge
  • Ask for our needs -- eliminate fear!
  • Develop our plan and stick to it!

This expedition not only included the first blind climber, but also a climber, who at 64 years old, was the oldest man to ever reach the summit of Everest. Incredibly, all 19 members of the team made it to the top, making this expedition the most successful trek of Everest ever!

We were setting out on such an audacious expedition that I knew it would take a tightly run ship to make it work. We needed a focus and plan or we'd never make it. Using Best Year Yet together helped us do exactly that. The results we achieved were truly incredible

Erik Weihenmayer

First blind climber to scale Mount Everest

The expedition broke 5 world records at the time.

See the video

Invest a few minutes and watch this, it says it all.

Best Year Yet