Creating Solutions

The fact that you are looking at this website probably means that you are looking for help in resolving an issue or overcoming some sort of problem. We can help you with most things but first you need to call or e-mail us to discuss what is on your mind. That costs nothing, just a few minutes of your time.

Our approach to creating solutions is simple. You describe your desired outcome and we’ll work backwards from the desired result to identify what needs to happen in order to deliver the result that you want. No stone is left unturned!

Our experience enables our specialists to work with you, identifying the hurdles to success and providing the solutions to overcome them. Once the plan is conceived we help you to deliver the plan, ensuring that every aspect of the process is delivered on time and on budget.

We have a reputation founded upon delivery, from complex business change to straight forward implementation at the coal face.

Call or e-mail us now, we are here to help.


Breakthroughs in Business Performance

Almost two thirds of business plans fall way short of delivering their anticipated results, that’s what the Harvard research confirms.

Why is that? Surely the plans are well established and have been created after careful consideration and expertly constructed.

In truth there are many reasons however the research also identifies a lack of clarity in direction of the workforce, unclear or ambiguous goals, poor communication and failure to manage performance effectively.

The solution is not Rocket Science! It’s actually quite simple, it just requires dedication to the planning and goal setting process, alignment with the plans and a desire to deliver results.

Let us demonstrate how you can achieve the breakthrough that your are striving to achieve, call us now to learn how we can help you.

More Sales Revenue

If your challenge is to grow sales revenue then Creo Performance can help. Our Consultative Sales Skills programmes are designed to focus on the purchasing behaviours of your clients and the reasons why they make decisions.

Everyone knows that a product must the needs of the purchaser, but how well do your sales people understand the customers decision making and purchasing drivers? Experience show us that the answer to that question is ‘not very well’.

We educate sales people in Customer Driven Purchasing™ and the impact it has upon the sales process. When your sales team can connect needs and wants, more sales happen!

Contact us and we’ll demonstrate the power of Customer Driven Purchasing™.

Excellent Leadership Skills

Leaders are born, not made – discuss.

Here’s an age old conundrum. Many people believe that great leaders are born with innate skills in the art of Leadership; others believe that the skills can be learned and developed over time.

At Creo our approach is to develop and hone Leadership Skills through a combination of tailored workshops that explore the skills and attributes required to lead and motivate others. Plenary and group learning sessions are supported by experiential team exercises during which aspiring leaders can practice their skills and receive constructive and developmental feedback via performance coaching undertaken on a 1 to 1 basis.

To learn more about our leadership programmes call 01789 491019.

Highly skilled Management Capability

Increasingly today the responsibility to grow talent within a business is a pre requisite.

Strong management capability during tough economic times separates the winners and losers, but far too often senior managers are suffering from a lack of investment in their development. Managers are simply expected to manage others successfully, despite the ever changing business environment and the increasing level of challenge.

With less training being undertaken in skills development there is growing evidence that issues within performance management, motivation and delivery of targeted performance are on the increase.

At Creo, we are acutely aware of the need to transform management capability and our team of specialists can deliver flexible and bespoke events that refresh skills and develop latent capability.

We can also help you to consider your approach to succession planning to ensure that your senior managers possess the right skills and knowledge to deliver the future success of your company.

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Brand reach and awareness

So, you have a successful business, but how do you up your game to increase your market penetration and reach out to new customers?

Marketing initiatives are fine but are costly and you never really know what the investment will deliver. Exhibitions and product launches take place regularly but how much thought is really given to establishing measurable objectives beyond initiating a marketing strategy?

We are experienced in all forms of generating return on investment (ROI) from marketing activities and we can tell you very quickly what works and what doesn’t.

Don’t invest before you speak to the best, call Creo now on 01789 491019.

Memorable Conferences and Live Events

If you are looking to create a memorable experience at your conference or live event then Creo can help you. Our team has a reputation for creative and innovative events that deliver lasting impact.

Our first priority is to understand your desired outcomes. Once we know what impact you want to create our design team will work with you to plan your event with meticulous attention to detail to ensure that your result is optimised.

For examples of conference and live events capability please refer to our case studies.

We look forward to helping you.

Improved ROI from Exhibitions

Increasing your ROI from exhibition activity is very straight forward. You may find that statement challenging or not believe it given your past experience but rest assured it is true!

So, what is the big secret to success...........

Planning and execution are the two main factors that influence the outcome. In our experience the planning process lacks one major area of focus and that relates to desired outcomes. Rarely do businesses accurately define their core objectives before deciding to attend an event.

In our initial consultations a number of companies tell us that ‘we are going to the event because we always go, if we did not attend people would worry about our company if we were not represented’.

Our response is always the same, ‘How do you know that?’ and invariably people are not able to tell us!

The key to success is in the preparation and decision making process surrounding the events that you attend and how well you prepare you event teams.

To learn more about the process that you need to help you, call us on 01789 491019.

Creative Product Launches

When you are looking to create the ‘wow’ factor at a new product launch then simply call the team at Creo for our help. We have many years experience in creating innovative ways to showcase your products and services.

We offer a comprehensive range of services designed to optimise your marketing opportunity so give us a call to talk through your specific needs.

To learn more about the process that you need to help you, call us on 01789 491019.

Digital invitations and campaign tracking solutions

Looking for a way simple and effective way to invite people to events and then track their response?

We specialise in designing rich media content digital communications that simplify the invitation process. Using interactive PDF technologies we provide you with a cost effective and remarkably efficient communications tool that saves you time and money.

To discuss your requirements call us on 01789 491019.

Outstanding Presentations and Presenting skills

Fed up using PowerPoint and want to create something different?

If you prepare and deliver presentations regularly then you know how poor some slides and content can look. You have probably seen some presentations that have far too much detail and the print is too small.

Be different, talk to us about how to bring your presentations to life, embed video clips, sound and animation to enhance your communication style and to create memorable presentations.

We can also help you to develop your presentation Skills that build confidence and improve your presence during the presentation.

To discuss your requirements call us on 01789 491019.

Web and mobile application development

With over 25% of all communications now being read on a handheld device, it is important to keep up with the pace of modern technology. Tablet devices and mobile smart phones operate from different platforms and devices many devices are incompatible in terms of applications and software.

If you would like to review how you can combat some of the digital issues facing your business and the impact upon your ability to communicate effectively then contact us to discuss your challenges with our technical experts.

Bespoke software solutions

How do you turn technical information contained in books and manuals into interactive and fun learning modules that inspire confidence and test knowledge?

Simple; let our creative ideas and technical expertise show you how.

We have a proven track record in developing e-learning tools that facilitate transfer of knowledge and make testing an enjoyable feature of the learning process.

We can also help you manage and maintain your CPD and training records online.

On-line and fast track event registration systems

If you organise events and are consistently challenged by the registration process then we can help you not only save money but significantly enhance the access to event data.

We know how critical it is for you to understand visitor data as soon as possible. You need immediate access to numbers of attendees, no shows, sales of seminars on the day and income generated. So what if you could have live access to that data, during the event?

Our registration systems and tracking capability has proven time and again that it is exactly what organiser want.

Call us on 01789 491019 to learn more about our unique systems.