Learning and Development

Our team of Creo Performance Specialists are selected for their skills and knowledge. Many are highly experienced professionals with long standing career credentials and they have reputations for delivering success. That is why they meet our exacting standards.

The team consists of skilled Trainers, Designers, Performance Coaches, HR specialists, Mentors and Creative Solution providers. They have all worked in main stream corporate businesses and currently operate their own businesses; therefore they know how to help you succeed.

Our philosophy is to match the skill set of our associates to your exact needs thus ensuring that you get the best fit for your business needs.

If you have yet to look at our team please follow this link and then call us.


Consultative Sales Skills

We will help you turn your KASH into CASH.

Knowledge, Attitude, Skills and Habits are the lifeblood of your business. Without any one ingredient, your ability to deliver results is hampered. However, developing each aspect of your sales team’s capability will make the task significantly more straight forward.

Our skill in designing and delivering bespoke Sales Training events has been developed over many years and across a wide variety of business sectors. Our Expert team of highly skilled Trainers will enhance your team’s knowledge and understanding of the sales process, building rapport with people, identifying their needs and wants, present solutions and secure more business.

By exposing your sales teams to the accelerated learning techniques we use, the transformation in performance is immediately visible.

At the core of our sales programmes is the Customer Driven Purchasing© model developed by Keith Goodchild, MD at Creo Performance Ltd. By understanding the purchasing behaviour of your customers, sales teams can modify their approach and develop stronger and longer lasting relationships with their customers and thus secure more sales and more revenue for your business.

If you want more CASH in your business, then call us and we’ll focus on your KASH.

Advanced Sales Skills

Experienced sales teams often suffer from the benefit of their experience! That sounds strange doesn’t it, but it’s true! Just imagine looking through the wrong end of a Telescope – What happens to the image? Not only is it considerably smaller, it’s a lot less clear! Experience often leads to a ‘narrowing of view’.

For example, experienced sales people tend to pre-judge situations or focus on what they want to sell to the customer, rather than use their skills to identify what the customer actually wants. This can lead to product led or pressure selling which gives the art of selling a poor reputation. It’s also why so many claims for miss-selling are prevalent today.

Getting to ‘yes’ in an effective and customer centric manner is however the key to delivering enhanced sales performance. That’s why the team at Creo Performance focus on encouraging sales people to broaden their view once again and to practice the ‘basics’ more often. By simply concentrating on the questioning and listening skills of individuals, the results are staggering!

A range of learning events is available plus one to one performance coaching sessions, so contact us now to broaden your view and see the way to success more clearly.

Relationship Management

Prospecting, meeting and recruiting customers all costs money. If someone buys from you then they become a customer or client and thus have a relationship with you. Invariably however the value of their purchase from you in terms of profit is outweighed by your investment to attract their custom. Therefore, you ability to ‘profit’ from the relationship can only improve if they continue to buy from you.

However, it’s a very competitive world out there, so how do you improve your chances of a second or third sale or the prospect of referrals for your business?

Developing the proven skills and techniques to build relationships based on mutual trust and benefit is of paramount importance. At Creo Performance we concentrate on the stages of the ‘Relationship Ladder’ and demonstrate how to move customers up that ladder to achieve advocacy for your people, brand and products. More importantly we’ll help you to develop a reputation for your Relationship Management capability and to grow your customer value proposition.

If you want to increase your share of your customers wallet, then speak to us and we’ll show you how to achieve it.

Key Account Management

B2B sales demand a high level of maintenance and are contingent on the skills and capabilities of the individuals and teams managing those relationships.

Managing different stakeholders’ interests is challenging and requires a high degree of skill in negotiation and delivery. The team at Creo is used to operating in Matrix Management environments where these challenges are prevalent. Our Key Account Management programmes are designed to hone the appropriate skills to improve performance in the way that these relationships are maintained and developed over time.

Call us to discuss your challenges and we’ll be delighted to share our experience with you.

Sales Management

A word of advice: Great sales people rarely make Sales Managers! So often, successful sales people are appointed to the role of Sales Manager. A natural progression you may think. However, the skills required to lead and motivate sales teams and individuals are completely different from those required to be a successful sales person.

Few people make the transition successfully, but where they do, success breeds success. The majority struggle, sales performance dips and sales teams become unsettled. The recipe can lead to poor communication, poor performance of the team and individuals and result in tension, all of which causes disruption, which manifests itself in poor sales performance.

What’s the usual remedy – sack the Sales Manager!

It may not however be their fault at all...

Before you appoint a sales Manager, make sure they have the right skills and people knowledge. If they need guidance and support, speak to us as we can help make the transition more smooth and embed the correct behaviours.

If you are experiencing a downturn in sales performance please speak to us. We have extensive knowledge of the causes and remedies for poor performance. We can also help in developing the right skills and tools to manage your sales pipeline more effectively and to achieve your targets.

Performance Coaching and Mentoring

All successful people have coaches to inspire them, to motivate them and to be that sounding board that everyone needs from time to time.

Coaching is often misunderstood. It should not be confused with Training; it should be a follow up process to Training.

Creo Performance supplies a comprehensive range of coaching and mentoring options and these comprise face to face personal development sessions, on-the-job coaching and telephone based sessions focussed on the needs of our clients.

If you want your people to go the ‘extra mile’ then talk to us about how our coaching and mentoring skills can drive personal performance at all business levels.

Feedback Skills

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Performance Management

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Finance for non-financials

Increasingly companies require their staff to demonstrate knowledge of financial practices in their day to day operations. In many cases this has exposed a lack of basic understanding of Financial and business acumen.

To help combat this Creo Performance has created a series of workshops and training events that have helped to educate businesses and employees in balance sheet appraisal, capital and cash flow management, pricing strategies, margins, profit, loss, taxation and associated consequences. If you want to improve your teams understanding of why Finance is so critical to a business then invest some time and talk to us about how we can help.per financial controls.


Leadership Skills

What constitutes good Leadership and can leaders be trained?

A fascinating debate, but one thing is for sure, in today’s economic climate Leadership is critical to the ongoing success of your business. However few companies take the time to really engage with their staff in order to develop succession plans that identify and nurture Leadership potential.

The assumption is also too frequently made that Leadership skills are ‘a given’ when recruiting at senior level, but all too often the very quality that is in short supply when it is needed most, is Leadership.

We can help you to identify potential and deliver Leadership training that generates lasting results so call us now if you would like to learn more about our Leadership programmes.

Man-Management Skills

Managing people is one of the hardest tasks that the business world demands of its line managers, yet so many managerial staff have never received any formal training in the associated skills. In many cases this leads to inaccurate staff appraisals and poor adherence to company HR procedures. It is also why under-performance issues are rarely dealt with in a timely and appropriate manner.

In larger corporate environments most line management positions control teams of up to 10 subordinate staff, but in SME businesses this number can often be far greater. Managing individuals takes time, effort and energy and frequently business leaders are too busy to give this the focus that it requires.

Our team has vast experience in identifying areas for development in man-management skills. Our expertise has helped us to design a variety of learning and development interventions aimed at improving your manager’s understanding and application of the skills.

Call or email us to discuss what you need your managers do better than they are current doing.

Communication Skills

The WW1 battlefield message received was ‘Send three and fourpence, we are going to a dance’

Unfortunately the actual message sent was ‘Send reinforcements, we are going to advance’!

So where did it all go wrong?

Communication is the response it elicits. In other words if you are the person responsible for the communication, then you are responsible for it being received correctly and understood. Few people actually recognise this.

At Creo Performance we can help you get your message across in a clear and unambiguous way. We can help you to understand how to communicate with others in more effective ways and how to ensure that your message is understood.

Start communicating with us now by calling to speak to us about any communication issues you may have or think you have.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Ever wondered why ‘Men don’t listen and women can’t read maps?’

If you have seen the book written by Alan Pease then you’ll know why. If not, then buy it, it’s a good read and makes a complicated subject relatively easy to understand.

However, if it were that simple we’d all be experts in communication, wouldn’t we?

The art of communication is a core business and life skill, we just don’t tend to think about the impact of what or how we say things upon others. The outcome of poorly communicated messages can be catastrophic so why not talk to Creo Performance about how we can help to improve team and individual communication.

We can identify communication traits among individuals and teams and enhance the common understanding of how to communicate more effectively and with a wider audience. Let us work with you to identify where the issues exist and more importantly how to overcome them through improved communication skills.

Effective Communication

Why use 100 words to convey your message when 20 well thought through words will have the desired effect?

Call us now, results guaranteed!

Presentation Skills

Standing in front of people and delivering a presentation fills some of us with anxiety, others seem to flourish in the limelight.

All presentations require confidence and we are certainly capable of improving that. We will help you to become a master at capturing attention with your audience, how to set the room for optimum effect and how to manage your slide deck and support materials to professional standards.

We will also share our top tips for skilful presentations at Conferences, Exhibitions, Product Launches and Meetings so that you optimise your impac and generate the responses that you want.

HR Assessments

If you are looking to recruit people, run recruitment centres, undertake facilitated sessions within recruitment days, then we have the expertise to help you.

We can supply Role Play personnel for assessment centres, design and deliiver bespoke recruitment processes or work alongside your HR team to enhance your recruitment processes.

Call us now to discuss your requirements.

Recruitment processes

Design and delivery of bespoke recruitment processes is a core skill at Creo Performance. Our team of experience HR consultants have undertaken a significant number of assignments and their level of knowledge and support capability is of the highest calibre.

If you know what you want or simply want to discuss the options available, give us a call right now, we are here to help you with all of your HR needs.

Assessment Centre's

We offer a full range of consultancy and bespoke design of assessment processes for all your recruitment needs.

Competency frameworks, skills matrices, facilitated group exercises and tailored interview processes are all available so please contact us to discuss your individual requirements.

Time Management

As time flies, are you the passenger or the pilot? A very interesting question.

Nobody has invented the 25 hour day, so how do you achieve more in the time you have available? It’s the $64,000 question in today’s busy and hectic business world.

The answer is remarkably simple, but like all things it requires discipline and process.

Let us demonstrate how to achieve more in less time by sharing with you our insights in to effective Time Management and learn how you can master the principles of being gracious with people but ruthless with your time.

Invest a few minutes now by speaking to Creo Performance and you could be on the road to self mastery in no time!

Change Management

John F Kennedy once said that those of us, who live in the past or live for today, will almost certainly miss the future!

Change is the only constant today and we need to embrace change, but why does change often signify a reduction in performance? Well, it’s down to the fact that change is unsettling, it can be disruptive and sometimes creates fear or uncertainty.

If you are concerned about the impact of change or are experiencing the circumstances arising from a recent change, then contact us as we have the experience to help you prepare for or adapt to change.

With over 35 years commercial experience and a wealth of knowledge among our team, we can help you manage change in numerous ways.

Project Management

Project management requires a robust process, regular measurement, review and a focus on delivery. There are well publicised processes and recognised qualifications but the reality is that the number one requirement in Project Management is common sense!

Before choosing a ‘packaged’ product why not talk to us about the tried and tested ways that have helped major business to focus on delivery, for a fraction of the cost of buying a licensed PM process. Call us on 01789 491019.