The Creo Team / Graham Hutt

Graham Hutt

Graham spent 13 years with Allied Dunbar, initially as a Change Management Consultant working with senior directors to improve business performance across all areas of the business. Graham’s last role was as IT Training & Recruitment Manager across the IT functions of Allied Dunbar, Eagle Star and Threadneedle Asset Mgt.

In 1998 Graham became a self employed HR Consultant and spent 10 months working on the launch project for Egg. Over the next 4 years Graham worked mainly in the financial services industry for the likes of AMP, Clerical Medical, Cogent, Egg, Henderson, Insight, Nat West Life, Pearl, Prudential, Unum and Virgin Mobile.

Since 2002 Graham has previously worked with Keith Goodchild of Creo Performance Limited and is a specialist HR Consultant and performance coach. In addition he has worked directly with a range of SME’s, Cosworth Engineering, Marlborough Stirling, National Power, Schering-Plough & Wincanton, alongside public bodies like the Highways Agency, British Council, Planning Inspectorate, Parole Board and SOCA.

Graham specialises in all aspects of competency based selection & recruitment; design & delivery of workshops, seminars and training events; career management & business coaching; designing & running employee & customer surveys. He is also a trained programme deliverer for Best Year Yet.

Graham has achieved the Level B qualification from the British Psychological Society (BPS) and is able to administer and feedback various instruments that are used extensively in selection and development.