Case History / Handlesbanken

  • Client: Handelsbanken

Handelsbanken has worked with Keith Goodchild, on previous training projects. On this occasion Handelsbanken were looking for help to create an e-learning process to support the launch of a new product.

Keith has designed and delivered a variety of stand-alone e-learning solutions but for this project the bank wanted to use its own intranet based training application as the delivery mechanism.

Bengt Augustsson, Training and Development Officer at Handelsbanken, had experience of their in-house training platform and his colleagues in Stockholm would provide the programming capability to upload the training modules created by Keith.

Bengt commented:

"It was important for us to use our Learning Gate facility to deliver this product training. Aspects of the product are regulated and as such we are required to ensure that our staff are appropriately trained and regularly tested to ensure their competence in providing the service to our customers. The learning modules and test questions designed and written by Keith enable our staff to learn about the product benefits and to test their understanding whilst maintaining accurate performance records for each person."

Keith worked with the Product Manager responsible for launching the service and the Compliance team to ensure that the training modules reflected all of the product features, advantages and benefits together with appropriate ‘Test‘ questions. Once completed the content was uploaded into the Learning Gate facility and is now in use across the Handelsbanken network.

Here’s what Bengt had to say about working with Keith:

"Despite a tight time schedule we managed to deliver the e-learning course on time with the quality needed. Keith and his team have shown both flexibility and efficiency and been a great help to deliver the training."