Case History / Handlesbanken

  • Client: Handlesbanken

This comment was received from an Account Manager at Handelsbanken who attended a recent training event designed and delivered by Keith Goodchild and associate Mike Wiggins for Mortgage Compliance purposes.

"Just to say thanks to you and those involved today. Of all the mortgage elements I have had contact with today was the most useful."

Adam Von Emloh

Handelsbanken has a network of over 100 UK based branches providing a comprehensive range of services including the provision of Mortgages. As part of their Competence and Training Programme they approached Keith to work with them on the development of their Mortgage competency model and the training plans for their Observers.

Keith Goodchild, Managing Director at Creo Performance had worked with Handelsbanken on other training and development projects but this opportunity provided the chance to deliver training in the form of a DVD based learning process. As part of the evaluation process Keith arranged to film a series of meetings in which competent and non-competent behaviours were portrayed. This gave the whole process a more realistic feel as the film was made in one of the Banks branches and was based on a selection of client scenarios.

Regional training events were undertaken at which Account Managers were required to participate in role plays which were videoed and assessed by Keith and his associates working with the Handelsbanken compliance team. Their performance was assessed against the agreed competency model as part of their ongoing development and to ensure compliance with the standards set by the Bank. They then watched a further DVD which contained a range of competent, competent with development and non- competent behaviours and then were invited to assess the range of behaviours viewed in order to form an opinion and feedback on the skills and competencies displayed.

Feedback from delegates was extremely positive. The DVD was thought to be an excellent training tool that helped not only to develop skills and knowledge but also to maintain the Banks high standards in the delivery of Regulated products.

The DVD will be used by over 100 Account Managers and 39 Observers will continue to assess and provide coaching and feedback in order to maintain the Handelsbanken competency regime.