Case History / PageOne

  • Client: PageOne

Here’s what Raymond Fegan, PageOne National Sales Manager has to say about working with Keith Goodchild at Creo Performance and the Best Year Yet® process.

"The challenge today in the current climate for most Sales led organisations, is the mind set most people fall into when there is so much bad news around. One could choose just to ignore it and promote this within the business, but I chose to engage my team with a trusted trainer, Keith Goodchild, using the Best Year Yet package."

Our Company, PageOne Communications, provides communications tools that allow users across all sectors to engage with remote staff and customers, regardless of the devices they carry e.g. SMS, Paging, Blackberry, Fax, Voice etc, in a secure environment. A large part of our market is within Public Sector as a Government Approved provider of messaging. This of course brings a huge challenge of keeping Sales staff motivated when that market itself has succumb to all the bad news floating around, and the perception that creates.

"It is a delight to see the effect BYY is having already within my team, after just a couple of months, with a clear change in attitude and the blame culture almost all but disappeared i.e. it’s the recession at fault etc. Keith’s delivery throughout the course clearly impacted on the team very quickly and whilst some of the content re-enforces what they may already know, it realigns their thinking process and empowers them to realise, it is them who can choose to make the difference and them alone. With regular coaching, this has so far proved one of the best investments I have put forward to our Company and we are considering a roll out to all Departments now."

Raymond Fegan- National Sales Manager at PageOne